Our Vision

DCCC exists to glorify our God with a goal of building up a Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Family-focused church. We encourage every believer to seek balanced spiritual growth in these five aspects of a Christian life: Worship & Prayer, Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, and Ministry in order to experience and gain the grace of God in the believer’s life.

Our evangelical and spiritual growth strategy is:

  1. Worship & Prayer:
    Provide both Chinese & English Sunday worship services
    Sunday messages emphasize both evangelism and devotion
    Praise & worship must glorify God and touch people's hearts
    Provide weekday worship and prayer meeting

  2. Education:
    Provide inspiring Sunday school education
    Bible study must be the center of fellowship meeting
    Provide discipleship training

  3. Evangelism:
    Provide one-on-one personal evangelism training
    Evangelism is a major activity of fellowship groups
    Provide Evangelical and Mission conference meetings
    Provide overseas short term missions opportunities

  4. Fellowship:
    Provide fellowship groups for all ages and backgrounds
    Provide inter-fellowship activities: childrens nights & conferences

  5. Ministry:
    Enlist every believer to serve
    Provide coworker training

Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Gospel-Spreading, Love-Sharing, Grace-Filled