Organization of DCCC

  • Senior Pastor: under Pastoral search, contact George Liu
  • Pastoral Team:
    Br. John Hung
    Br. George Liu
    Br. David Lin
    Br. Lih-Yeh Liou
    Br. Rong-Fong Hsu

  • Youth Ministry Coordinator: Brother JinHui Zhang
  • Friday Youth Leader (Intrim): Esther Keith

  • 2016 Deacon Board

  • Chair / Fellowship: Sister MeiHua Huang
  • Education: Brother JinHui Zhang
  • Administration: Brother Wen-Chun Hsiang (937) 773-6862
  • Outreach & Mission: Brother Thomson Au
  • Worship: Brother Wallach Lu

  • 2016 Co-worker's quarterly meeting will be held on certain days,
    please kindly pray for it and come join us serving our gracious Lord together!

    Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Gospel-Spreading, Love-Sharing, Grace-Filled