History of DCCC

A Short History of the Dayton Chinese Christian Church (1983-now),
pass our quarter-century mark

Our church began as a project of the Mission Department of Fairborn Baptist Church. It was originally called the Chinese Mission. Invitations were extended to local Chinese in early 1983, and five Chinese families left their own churches to become its first congregation. Two of the original families are still here. We began on Easter at the Far Hills Baptist Church, with Rev. David Lee as our first pastor. The worship service was conducted in Chinese and English. We moved, with 22 people, to the Kettering Baptist Church in the summer of 1984. We became financially self-sufficient in 1988. On the New Year's Day, 1990, we became an independent church, with co-workers and elected deacons, and we re-named it the Dayton Chinese Christian Church. We also joined the Greater Dayton Association of Baptist Churches. In the summer of 1990, we moved, with over 90 people, to the Oak Creek United Church of Christ in Kettering. It was also our first year without a pastor. This was the beginning of our training in faith, to rely only on God. We learned to carry out some of the work of a pastor. On Jan. 29, 1992, we bought our own building, ending nine years of nomadic life. The members of our Wright State Fellowship began to join our Sunday service in large number. At that time, our attendants consisted of a core of 80 to 90 people. With many young families, we were blessed with many babies. In the spring of 1995, the baby population outgrew our nursery rooms. On July 29, we sold our first church building, and moved to 600 Patterson Road, next to Patterson Park. On December 1, we bought the property. Ever since moving here, our Sunday attendance has risen to 120. Sometimes, the regular attendants would reach 140. On New Year’s Day, 1996, Rev. Ian Cheng became our second pastor, thus ending six long years of waiting.

For the last 12 years and four months, the Church (known as DCCC) grows not so much in large number, but it became more organized. Work was partitioned, so that many more co-workers joined to serve the Lord and the congregation. The children and youth programs have been greatly strengthened, and annual youth “mission” trips have taken place. The children have their own worship services, complete with worship teams. There has been a children group called P.U.M.P. which joined us at some worship services. The English Ministry began in 1996 with a weekly Bible Study class that grew into regular worship service in 1998, simultaneously with the Chinese service. Between summer of 1998 and March 2008, we had Rev. Adam Roseboom followed by Rev. Sean Ryan as our English pastor. We want to thank Cedarville University for sending its students to teach English conversation every Sunday during school sessions, some of their students have become Christians.

In nurturing, the pre-baptism Basic Doctrine class is followed by another one to care for new Christians. There is an English Sunday School class, and two in Chinese covering different topics. There is a Friday night outreach fellowship for seekers, and a Saturday Living Water Fellowship for a mixture of believers and seekers. The pre-1996 fellowships continue to care for their members.

Some people have gone to seminary, or into mission work while still carrying on their profession, while others left us to serving the Lord in churches of the city where they now live. It is always heartening to come across former members who are now serving the Lord near and far. We continue to support more than a dozen people in mission work. Several short mission trips took us to eastern Germany, and some in our own country earlier this decade.

The pre-teens in DCCC’s early years are now parents of young school-age children in various parts of the country. Those who were born in early 80s served in worship teams for English service before college are now in the working world, including the first DCCC baby, currently a teacher for a church-related school. The older co-workers still serve, but the baton has been passed onto the next group of Christians entering their mid-life. The Lord continues to bless us with new arrivals of grown-ups and babies alike. The former have joined us to proclaim His kingdom, and the latter group needs our nurturing so that they too can some day reach out to others for His kingdom.

As DCCC enters the next quarter-century, we look up to the Lord to keep His beacon in this area, so that we can continue to proclaim His glory and salvation, and to bring more people into His Kingdom.

Recorded by Brother John Y. Hung (2008.4.20)

God Also Loves Dayton - Remarks on our church's 20th birthday - April 20, 2003

A Dayton Chinese Bible Study gathering began in the mid-1960's.

Brother Samuel Lin came to teach at Wright State University in 1969, and he organized this Bible study into a regular monthly meeting. The members took turns hosting it in their homes, but Chinese Christians in the Dayton area still continued to worship in American churches.

Dayton was the only major southwestern Ohio city without a Chinese church in the 197'0s.

The First Baptist Church of Fairborn's Mission Group had a vision in the late 1970's to sponsor a Chinese church in Dayton.

The SBC's (Southern Baptist Convention) Ohio Board sent David Lee to survey Dayton Chinese Christians in December 1982 about the possibility of starting a Chinese church.

Support was established for a Dayton Chinese church in 1983, and the Co-worker's Group was formed in March 1983.

The Lees moved into a Far Hills Baptist Church parsonage, and David Lee was installed as the Chinese Church's first pastor in March 1983.

The first service was held with five families in a room at the Far Hills Church on Easter, April 3, 1983; we were offered a chapel the size of our current sanctuary, but we took a room instead.

We also began the habit of eating lunch together after church for fellowship - we consumed a couple loaves of Wonder Bread, a couple packs of lunch meat, a gallon of milk, and some Kool-Aid for the kids.

Our choir was organized. When it sang, its members outnumbered the audience.

The Student Bible Study began in the WSU area in 1985, at David Lin's house.

We left for the First Baptist Church of Kettering in July 1984 with 22 people, including children.

We became financially self-sufficient in 1988.

The congregation-appointed team drew up our church's constitution in late 1989.

We became the independent Dayton Chinese Christian Church on January 1, 1990.

Deacons were elected, and the co-workers’ group was reorganized along with the deacons in January, 1990.

Learning to rely on God alone: 1990-1995 - Six pastor-less years, three moves plus two chapel purchases. We grew and grew because of Him. Some of us learned to preach - we had our "home-grown preachers" doing duty once a month; we also borrowed an elder from the Cincinnati Chinese Church so we could observe the monthly Lord's Supper; and we invited other people to bring messages the other 28 Sundays. We numbered close to 100 people when we left Kettering for a place at the Oak Creek United Church of Christ - our last stop as a tenant group.

WSU recognized, and our church began actively supporting, the Chinese Student Bible Study Fellowship as part of its campus activities in Fall 1990.

We almost bought a piece of land to start building a chapel, but the Lord prepared for us our first chapel on Minnesota Avenue which we bought on Jan. 29, 1992 - our first home. It was a 4952 sq. ft. bi-level chapel - now we could worship in a sanctuary and conduct baptism at our own place. We even cooked and served hot lunch there.

Baby boom (a baby every other months during winter) at the last place (on Minnesota Avenue) caused us to move to this location (Patterson Park) exactly 3.5 years later, on July 29, 1995, and we bought this 23,000 sq. ft, three-story building with offices, nursery, and modern baptismal on Dec. 1, 1995, by God's grace and the love of the people of Patterson Park Church, and a month later we had our second pastor - God had been very gracious to us.

We began actively training new co-workers in 1996 for future church leadership

Young children's ministry became firmly established in early 1990s due to Sister Carita Liu's relentless effort.

The English Ministry was planted with a Bible Study Fellowship in late March 1996

The monthly English worship began in Summer 1996.

The twice-monthly English worship began in Summer 1997.

The concurrent English worship began in the spring of 1998, and the English pastor was installed in June 1998.

Our English Conversation class, taught by Cedarville volunteers with gospel messages, began in the mid-1990s - people were saved from this exposure to God's Word

Children's own worship service began in late 1990s

Many fellowships sprouted up among the Chinese congregation - Proverb in 1983, Women's Bible Study in 1990, Song of Songs in 1991, Salt and Light in 1995, Pine and Cedar in 1996, Youth Ministry in 1983 with help completely supplied by young people from our sponsoring church in Fairborn, Junior Youth Ministry in 2001, and later on, jointly with the English congregation - Joy Fellowship in 2001, and Rock Fellowship in 2001.

Although the Choir was at our first worship service, it also became a fellowship in spirit during the mid-1990s. Its members put in long hours of practice every week so that they can help us to worship and praise God with resounding joy - to the glory of God alone!

Some of our past church members have had gone to serve the Lord in other places in various capacities.

We began short mission trips to Germany in 2002

God has shown us tremendous love, patience, and loving kindness for the 20 years, what have we done for Him?

Remember, although Dayton is in our name, we have a wide field out there for us to plant, nurture, and harvest - to bring in the sheaves to the Lord.

Our Lord loves both Christians, and other Dayton Chinese - our own people. Let's reach out to them - all for the greater glory of God.

(This article is provided by Brother Hung, thanks for his effort.)

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